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Vietnam is a country of breathtaking natural beauty with an incredible cultural and historical heritage. The national language of Vietnam is Vietnamese (or in Vietnam, Tiếng Việt). Vietnamese language is spoken by more than 70 million people around the world. It is both the national and official language of Vietnam, where it is the mother tongue of a majority of Vietnamese and also a second language of many minority groups living in the country. It is also spoken by a number of immigrant Vietnamese populations overseas, notably in the United States.

Vietnamese language did not achieve status as an official language until the 20th century, when the country of Vietnam gained independence from French rule. The Contemporary Vietnamese has retained many of the Chinese and French language influences which have played a role in its development throughout history. Thanks to Vietnam’s increasing contact with other countries in the 20th century, the Vietnamese language has also picked up a number of English phrases.

Vietnamese grammar is easy to learn which is why a Vietnamese Language Course Singapore is one you should go for. When Learning Vietnamese Singapore you are able to focus your energy on pronunciation because of it is many simplicities and predictabilities and here is why:

·         Limited use of tenses- the language does not pay a lot of attention to tenses at all.
·     No gender- no need to worry about it, because there is no such thing as grammatical gender.
·        Easy Parts of speech- no actual distinction from each other.
·        No articles- they don’t exist.

Stanford Language Centre is a group of like minded Private Tutors and Teachers who are specialists in Asian Languages, who aim to be the most qualified and affordable language center Singapore has. We are better than all those Vietnamese Language Courses in Singapore you will find around. Stanford strives to be your number one choice for basic conversational courses for Mandarin, Japanese, Vietnamese and a place to Learn Thai Language. We provide a holistic and well-rounded approach in imparting the skills required to master the various languages with the aid of our native trainers.

Here is a look at our Vietnamese Language Course Singapore that will have you speaking in Vietnamese in just 2 months!

·         Uses modern teaching strategies to teach communication skills to non Vietnamese speakers.
·         Learn necessary vocabulary, expression, grammar rules and sentence patterns used in every speech.
·         Learn practical and natural speech currently in use by the Vietnamese people.
·         Practice Pronunciation and Communication.
·         Emphasized speaking and listening skills in Vietnamese class 
·         Duration: 10 Lessons

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